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Security Guard Services

Commercial Security Guard Services Toronto

Commercial Security

Our Commercial Security program offers a wide array of tailored services.

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Public Security Services Toronto

Public Sector

Government organizations are facing an increase in the need for security.

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Concierge Security Services Toronto

Concierge Security

The duties performed by our concierge services go far beyond basic security.

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Industrial Security Systems Services & Guards Toronto

Industrial Security

Industrial areas are at the forefront of vandalism, theft and terrorism.

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Virtual Security Guard Toronto

Virtual Security

Meet Alice, our virtual security AI.

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K-9 Security Services Toronto

K-9 Security

In high-risk situations we feel the need for increased security measures.

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Mobile Security Patrol Services Toronto

Mobile Patrol

Vehicle Patrols & Virtual Patrols are one of the most economical and...

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Hospital Security Guard Services Toronto

Health Care Security

We recognise Hospitals have specific requirement and we have created a...

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Parking Enforcement

Parking Enforcement

We have created a highly effective solution for clients which have authorized...

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Logistic Security Services Toronto

Logistic Security

Our logistic program offers tailored services for the transportation sector.

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Public Event Security Guards Toronto

Event Security

We have developed a set of guidelines for our guards, perfecting a combination...

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Loss Prevention Security Guard

Loss Prevention

We are a trusted expert and consultant when it comes to dealing with loss...

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Security Systems and Maintenance

Systems Security

We create large scale multi-building security solutions, custom tailored to fit...

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Criminal Record and Judicial Matters Checks (CRJMC) Posted On 11-Jul-2024 By

Effective July 12, 2024, Criminal Record and Judicial Matters Checks (CRJMC) directly from KOG will be accepted, in addition to those from police services. Read More