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Parking Enforcement Services

Parking Enforcement

We have created a highly effective solution for clients which have authorized parking requirements. Our ticketing solution provides clearly marked and highly visible vehicles. All our guards are MLEO certified and write tickets authorized by the appropriate governing municipality.

Parking Enforcement Solutions That Won’t Let You Down

Our parking enforcement solution include:

  • Online web based Vehicle Registration
  • Twenty-four-hour call-in visitor vehicle registration
  • 24-hour ticketing coverage
  • Electronic Real time reporting
  • Municipal Tickets
  • Vehicle Towing
  • Onsite Parking Pass software
  • Location MLEO Certification

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Why Is Security Used At Private Events? Posted On 1-Nov-2018 By

Picture a beautiful summer day: the sky is clear, it is hot, and you are hosting an event for which you have spent a great deal of time planning. You have decided not to hire security guards because you have never used them before, and perhaps the idea seems a bit ostentatious to you. Read More