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Concierge Security Services

Concierge Security Services Toronto

The duties performed by our concierge services go far beyond basic security. We understand the communities which we strive to protect are the homes to many individuals, each with unique needs and expectations. As such, we place great emphasis on recruiting team members that can adeptly ensure the comfort and security of our valued residents.

Our concierge guards provide many services ranging from access control, handling of parcels and aiding in emergency situations. We ensure that all traffic in and out of the building is meticulously observed and documented. Additionally, it is mandatory that every guard goes through an intensive training program specific to concierge duties and responsibilities.

In addition, we provide building management software which ensures a seamless collaboration between Concierge and the entire community. Guard Tour systems to ensure transparency and a Virtual Concierge which provides 2-way audio from our dispatch center for when a physical concierge is away from the desk. This technology is offered as a standard feature to our Concierge Program offering a premier total security package. As part of our Virtual Security platform we offer Garage Ramp Human Detection to ensure undesirables do not gain access into your vehicle garage.