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Public Security Services

Public Security Services Toronto

Government organizations are facing an increase in the need for security. Realizing the heightened risk posed to the public we designed a specialized security solutions and effective risk management strategies to manage operations in such a way as to maximize public and asset protection. Our Public security programs are specifically tailored to the organization’s needs to guarantee satisfaction utilizing specifically trained guards and technology to deliver extraordinary results. When combined in tandem with our Virtual Security we can offer Real Time License Plate alert systems. Gun Shot Detection, Facial Recognition & Human Congregation Detection.

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Why Is Security Used At Private Events? Posted On 1-Nov-2018 By

Picture a beautiful summer day: the sky is clear, it is hot, and you are hosting an event for which you have spent a great deal of time planning. You have decided not to hire security guards because you have never used them before, and perhaps the idea seems a bit ostentatious to you. Read More