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We are a privately owned Canadian Corporation whose success is based on providing an exceptional quality of service for over three decades. Our extensive experience and reputation mean that you are working with seasoned professionals who will not let you down. Our clients have chosen to trust their security needs with a full service company that will not be satisfied with anything less than exemplary quality on every level of our organization. Our guards are trained, licensed and bonded professionals who are well prepared for every situation, completely backed by twenty-four-hour Operations Center.


We aim to provide the most advanced synergy possible between Security Guards and Virtual Security to provide the most advanced security solution available, in our world today.


Our Mission It is the purpose of this company to serve those who have put their faith and confidence in our hands in a method that will provide a service of the highest attainable quality and excellence Our superiority comes from experience, achievement, pride and satisfied customers.

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Why Is Security Used At Private Events? Posted On 1-Nov-2018 By

Picture a beautiful summer day: the sky is clear, it is hot, and you are hosting an event for which you have spent a great deal of time planning. You have decided not to hire security guards because you have never used them before, and perhaps the idea seems a bit ostentatious to you. Read More