Concierge Security

KOG Security Guards - Concierge Security

The duties performed by KOG concierge go far beyond basic security. We realize that the residencies we strive to protect are home to many individuals, each with unique needs and expectations...


Commercial Security

KOG Security Guards - Commercial Security

Our Commercial Security programs offer a wide array of tailored services for commercial security needs. As with most of our services, we asses each client on an individual basis to custom create a program that suits...


Industrial Security

KOG Security Guards - Industrial Security

Prime areas for criminal activity are those sites that are relatively empty, have low volumes of traffic flow, and are rather secluded. Many small commercial sites and industrial parks fit this profile; they are therefore...


Patrol and Inspection Services

KOG Security Guards - Patrol and Inspection Services

Our patrol, security guards and inspection services include a drive-through of parking facilities and an inspection of the building exterior, including visual inspection of doors and windows plus a physical inspection of exterior doors and accessible windows. If an officer discovers...


Parking Enforcement

KOG Security Guards - Parking Enforcement

Our guards enforce the Trespass to Property act, inspect for theft, vandalism, mischief, trespassing or any other criminal activity in relation to the client's property. Site inspections include the physical inspection...


Special Event Security

KOG Security Guards - Special Event Security

It is vitally important to take every precaution necessary to maintain the safety of individuals as well as private property during special events. When dealing with groups of people it is very easy for situations to arise...


Government Security

KOG Security Guards - Government Security

Government organizations are facing an increase in the need for security due to the ever-changing business environment. Realizing the heightened risk posed to personnel and property of these organizations...


K-9 Unit

KOG Security Guards - K-9 Unit

In high-risk situations our clients may feel the need for increased security measures. As such, Knights on Guard has a devoted K-9 unit consisting of professionally trained work dogs. We use Rottweiler's exclusively due to...


Personal Security

KOG Security Guards - Personal Security

KOG officers have the ability to safely escort clients, on foot or by vehicle, as well as act as deterrents. Whatever the occasion, and no matter the time, we can provide you with a security element to keep you and your assets safe...


Loss Prevention

KOG Security Guards - Loss Prevention

Increased inventory costs, sudden decrease in a department margin, theft incidents and substantial loss demonstrate the absence of adequate proactive loss prevention measures. we offer plain clothes personnel for undercover operations...


Private Investigation Services

KOG Security Guards - Private Investigation Services

In cases involving insurance claims or legal matters, it is necessary to have an unbiased third- party to provide a spectrum of evidence to support or nullify a claim. In such a case, it would be necessary to hire a Private Investigator...


Closed-Circuit TV & Access Control

KOG Security Guards - Closed-Circuit TV & Access Control

We create large scale often multi-building security solutions, custom tailored to fit each facility needs. Our senior security staff experts will work with you from the planning and design aspects for CCTV and Access control systems...


Video/Alarm Monitoring & Response

KOG Security Guards - Video/Alarm Monitoring & Response

We offer traditional alarm system monitoring, as well as off-site video monitoring through our distinctive Digital Video Recorder Close Caption Television system (DVR/CCTV). We are able to observe and identify an intruder on your property...


Security Guards